Corrstown Golf Club

Men's September Medal Day 2

Sunday 10th September
River & Meadow Course, Tee - Blue
H'cap Allowance: 95%


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Prize presentation for September Medal will be held on the 23rd September at 7 00. Prizes must be collected on the night either by the winner or a nominated person.

Men's September Medal Day 2

Sunday 10th September 2023, Blue Tees, River & Meadow Course

(95% handicap allowance)


Prize presentation for September Medal will be held on the 23rd September at 7 00.Prizes must be collected on the night either by the winner or a nominated person.

1ST       GREG NOONE      (15)    65

2ND    ROBERT KEEGAN (10)   67

3RD    DAVE MCMAHON  (11)    69 (B9)

4TH    DAVID FEEHILY     (10)    69  (B9)

5TH    EDDIE MORAN      (16)    69

GROSS  DARREN MCCORMACK   68                          

Class 1 Sat

1st   Stephen Lenagh   (6) 71 (B9)

2nd  Paul Higgins         (8) 71 (B9)

Class 2 Sat

1st   Colin O'Neill        (10) 72 (B6)

2nd  Robert Mulvaney (10) 72 (B9)

Class 3 Sat

1st  Declan Bartley      (13)  75

2nd John Costigan     (16)  76 (B9)

Class 4 Sat

1st John Garry    (17)    74

2nd Joe Twomey (18)    75

Class 5 Sat

1st  Trevor Higgins       (21)  72

2nd Edward Sheridan  (29)  73 (B9)

Class 1 Sun

1st    Alan Davis      (8)  73  (B9)

2nd   Paul O'Carroll (5)  73

Class 2 Sun

1st   John Bolger      (11)  72 (B9)

2nd  Declan Murphy (12)  72 (B9)

Class 3 Sun

1st   Clive Keogh      (13)  71

2nd  Paddy Coates  (15)  72

Class 4 Sun

1st   Peter Keenan   (20)  73

2nd  Noel Hughes    (19)  75

Class 5 Sun

1st   Stephen Bonney  (51)  75

2nd  Peter Jordan        (21)  77

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Dave McMahon(11) 69
2nd Eddie Moran(16) 69
3rd Clive Keogh(13) 71
4th John Bolger(11) 72
5th Declan Murphy(12) 72
6th Jason Delaney(10) 72
7th Paddy Coates(15) 72
8th Alan Davis(8) 73
9th Peter Keenan(20) 73
10th Pierce Moran(11) 73
11th Paul O'Carroll(5) 73
12th Brendan Doyle(16) 74
13th Brian Davis(9) 74
14th Stephen Bonney(51) 75
15th Graeme McQueen(0) 75
16th Noel Hughes(19) 75
17th Michael Mahony(7) 75
18th Francis Dillon(15) 76
19th Paul Fitzgerald(14) 77
20th John Bennett(4) 77
21st Craig Walsh(17) 77
22nd Damian Howe(14) 77
23rd Brian Donovan(17) 77
24th Peter Hall(11) 77
25th Peter Jordan(21) 77
26th Niall O'Carroll(9) 77
27th Tom Jesson(10) 77
28th James McGrath(15) 77
29th David Smyth(10) 77
30th Jason Holland(8) 78
31st Ernest McDonnell(23) 78
32nd Kevin Maher(11) 78
33rd David Clifford(12) 78
34th Ciaran Conneely(16) 78
35th Conor Buggle(19) 79
36th Paul A Donnelly(10) 79
37th John Brereton(9) 79
38th Eddie Mullins(23) 79
39th Mark Gallagher(9) 79
40th Matthew Hickson(5) 79
41st David Jenkins(10) 79
42nd Anthony Lowe(15) 80
43rd Karl Higgins(20) 81
44th Thomas Melvin(17) 81
45th Colm Laird(22) 81
46th John Byrne(21) 81
47th Christian Fraunfelter(11) 81
48th Joseph Maher(10) 82
49th Simon Crowe(16) 82
50th Alan Madigan(24) 83
51st James Madden(7) 83
52nd Darren Kelly(19) 83
53rd Mark Tuohy(13) 83
54th Michael Maher(14) 84
55th Shay Cummins(35) 84
56th John Tomlin(14) 85
57th John Murray(17) 85
58th Sean Conlon(15) 86
59th Jim Cowley(23) 88
60th Joe Jordan(21) 88
61st Garry McCabe(15) 89
62nd Niall Fitzmaurice(17) 89
63rd Richie Smith(13) NR
64th Eugene Fitzsimons(15) NR
65th Paul O'Kane(10) NR
66th Kenny Perry(14) NR
67th Dermot Moran(10) NR
68th Declan Kelly(14) NR
69th John McEvoy(14) NR
70th Paul Poynton(16) NR
71st Edward Mahoney(13) NR
72nd Peter Murtagh(20) NR
73rd Gerry Burns(14) NR
74th Christopher O'Connor(-3) NR
75th Niall Bone(19) NR
76th Tom Doherty(21) NR
77th Peter Fallon(17) NR
78th Niall Snr Hand(29) DQ
79th Richard Corbally(27) DQ
80th Chris McGrane(25) DQ
81st Liam Dixon(24) DQ
82nd Joe Martin(24) DQ
83rd Dermot Morgan(23) DQ
84th Denis J O'Dwyer(23) DQ
85th John O'Leary(18) DQ
86th Michael Clarke(17) DQ
87th Tony Heffernan(17) DQ
88th Alan Keogh(17) DQ
89th Ken O'Carroll(17) DQ
90th Paul Rochford(15) DQ
91st Niall Jnr Hand(14) DQ
92nd Dean McLoughlin(12) DQ
93rd Christopher Rogers(11) DQ
94th Pat Doyle(9) DQ

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